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28 April, 2010

Mandi (1983)

Mandi (1983)
मंडी (१९८३)
Shamsheer Barehana Maang Ghazab

Lyric:- Bahadur Shah Zafar
Music:- Vanraj Bhatia Singer:- Preeti Sagar

In 'Mandi' it was filmed on Neena Gupta.

शमशीर बरेहना मांग ग़ज़ब
बालों की महेक फिर वैसी है
जुड़े की गुथावट बहेर--खुदा
जुल्फों की लचक फिर वैसी है

हर बात में उसकी गरमी है
हर नाज़ में उसके शोखी है
आमद है क़यामत चाल भरी
चलने में फड़क फिर वैसी है

हेरम है हबाब--आब--रवां
सूरज की किरण है उसपे लिपट
जाली की ये कुर्ती है वो बला
गोटे की धनक फिर वैसी है

वो गाये तो आफत लाये है
सुर-ताल में लेवें जान निकाल
नाच उसका उठाये सौ फ़ितने
घुँघरू की छनक फिर वैसी है

History of the song
(Same song was also sung by Pakistani singer Habib Wali Mohammad)

Information on Youtube

This song was included in Tiger Gang in 1974 which was a detective story with German actors namely Brad Harris and Tony Kendel. Muhammad Ali and Zeba went to Germany for shooting as well. Film was a big flop though :) Other cast included Nisho, Ali Ejaz and Qawwi Khan. Film was released on 29 March 1974.

Habib Wali Mohammad's version (1974)
(Edited by me)

Hindi film 'Mandi' and Hollywood movie 'Best little whorehouse in Texas' (Released in 1982) had very similar story line. One of my favourite singer Dolly Parton played the lead role in this movie. She also composed and sung a song in this movie 'I will always love you' (later also sung by Whitney Houston). Burt Reynolds played male lead in 'The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas'.

More info: Wikipedia Source
'The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas' is a musical with a book by Texas author Larry L. King and Peter Masterson and music and lyrics by Carol Hall. It is based on a story by King that was inspired by the real-life Chicken Ranch in La Grange, Texas.

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    Link for Best little whorehouse in Texas' (Released in 1982) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3uX58tQ7mQ