Bhavesh bhai,

You are amazing! your compilation must have required a lot of concentrated effort. You are perfectionist! you love music, you love music makers their stories their agonies and joys. You juxtapose musics from films of different countries! You recognize no borders when it comes to music.

You are a veritable encyclopedia of music and fluent in computer networking to accumulate such diverse audio-video information and then present it in such an artful manner.

Thanks. I will slowly go through your collection which I am sure will keep growing.


Kumar Bhatt


29 April, 2010

Mandi (1983) A song in Shabana Azmi's voice

Main Kitti Baar Bola Na Ji
Ujala Kapada Paheno Nakko
Kaala Kapada Paheno Nakko

This song is in Shabana Azmi's voice
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  1. Virendra Singh GodharaAugust 5, 2011 at 3:35 PM

    Bhavesh Bhai, You are doing a splendid job and yeomen service to music by your blog. Kindly provide downloading facility also.
    Virendra Singh Godhara

  2. Dear Virendrabhai,

    Thanks for the appreciation. Will surely try to enable downloading facility. Alternatively, you can email me and I can send you the files that you need.

    Bhavesh N. Pattni

  3. Dear Bhavesh,
    Please post the MP3 of this folk song on your site.

  4. Dear Lavanyajee, Sure, I will search for suitable gadget and add to the blog so that you can download mp3.

    Bhavesh N. Pattni

  5. can we get the advantage of downloading this osng am very fond of it

  6. Dear Lavanyajee and Aseem,

    Please email me from your mail ID to foretelling@gmail.com

    I will send you mp3 audio

    I am still searching for suitable option that enables safe mp3 download option here.

  7. Hi Bhavesh...

    I am looking for all songs from "Mandi", if you could, please e-mail me datarhari.dass@gmail.com


  8. Hi, it would be great if you can upload the mp3 version of this song here. Thanks for posting it. Indeed a great folk song.

  9. Hi,
    Sorry, there seems to be some technical issue with MP3 upload

    Either you can use clipconverter.cc to extract audio from this video or please email me on foretelling@gmail.com with reference of the song, I will email you the track

  10. I'm sorry but can you please give the youtube link? The link embedded here does not open on youtube. Thanks!

  11. It was such a delight to listen to this song! Many thanks for your hardwork!

  12. made my day... was looking for it for ages...