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You are amazing! your compilation must have required a lot of concentrated effort. You are perfectionist! you love music, you love music makers their stories their agonies and joys. You juxtapose musics from films of different countries! You recognize no borders when it comes to music.

You are a veritable encyclopedia of music and fluent in computer networking to accumulate such diverse audio-video information and then present it in such an artful manner.

Thanks. I will slowly go through your collection which I am sure will keep growing.


Kumar Bhatt


14 June, 2010

'Boom Boom' Nazia Hassan from Film 'Star' (1982)

After success of album 'Disco Deewane' in 1981 Biddu planned to make a movie named 'Star' and he wanted Nazia and Zoheb Hassan to act in this film. The brother sister duo decided to sing for the movie but they did not act . Vinod Pande (very famous for making bold films) - directed this movie.

Biddu, Nazia and Zoheb together gave many hits during the era of Disco.

Records of Album 'Camera Camera' (1992)
Nazia and Zoheb's last album

Film:- Star (1982)
Singer:- Nazia Hassan
Lyric:- Indeevar
Music:- Biddu

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