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You are amazing! your compilation must have required a lot of concentrated effort. You are perfectionist! you love music, you love music makers their stories their agonies and joys. You juxtapose musics from films of different countries! You recognize no borders when it comes to music.

You are a veritable encyclopedia of music and fluent in computer networking to accumulate such diverse audio-video information and then present it in such an artful manner.

Thanks. I will slowly go through your collection which I am sure will keep growing.


Kumar Bhatt


11 May, 2010

Bullet (1976) Vijay Anand's interview by Vijay Kishore Dubey

विजय आनंद (गोल्डी)
Vijay Anand (Goldie)

Birth:- 22 January 1933
Shakargarh Tehsil (now in Pakistan), District Gurdaspur, Punjab, British India

Death:- 23 February 2004

Bullet (1976)

Vijay Anand's interview by Vijay Kishore Dubey

Very rare interview from a
'Not for sale' EP record that plays at the speed of 33.5 !
Vijay Anand recalls early 'Navketan' days and also talks about how his career started.
It's a delight to share this rare interview with all of you.

Dev Anand and Parveen Babi in 'Bullet'


  1. Thank you for that wonderful interview. I am afraid (I am not sure) that I got bad news about Shri Dubey's sad demise today or yesterday. I was listening to Radio Ceylon this morning (as always) and I was interrupted by a phone call. I heard this sad news, but since I was answering the phone call, I am not sure if it was about Shri Dubey ji.

  2. Does not work! Youtube says malformed video id.

  3. Dear Mr. R. Mukund,
    Thanks for the comment and very sorry for responding to the comment so late. I revisited my own blog after a very long time.

    The news that you heard was correct. Dubeyjee passed away during first week of November 2010 as far as I recall. May his soul RIP.

    Soon I will be enriching the blog with some more interesting and rare videos.

    Bhavesh N. Pattni

  4. Can not run, was curious..Do you have transcript? Please share