Bhavesh bhai,

You are amazing! your compilation must have required a lot of concentrated effort. You are perfectionist! you love music, you love music makers their stories their agonies and joys. You juxtapose musics from films of different countries! You recognize no borders when it comes to music.

You are a veritable encyclopedia of music and fluent in computer networking to accumulate such diverse audio-video information and then present it in such an artful manner.

Thanks. I will slowly go through your collection which I am sure will keep growing.


Kumar Bhatt


19 May, 2010

Bhumika (1977) 'Bajo Re Mondar Bajo' by Sarasvati Rane and Uttara Kelkar

Raag Shuddh Kalyan

'Bajo Re Mondar Bajo' by Sarasvati Rane
Uttara Kelkar
First Hindi song of Uttara Kelkar's career
(Mondar means drum)


  1. Could you please send me the mp3s of both versions of Baju Re Mondar? I have been looking for them since a long time. Hope you will consider my request.


  2. Dear Vidur,
    Surely Please email me your mail ID. There are about four versions (out of which I have uploaded only two) will send you all.

    Bhavesh N. Pattni